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When I started Drive’n Me Daisy what I knew I wanted was to create a boutique that was not just affordable, but fun, fashionable and easy to wear. Here, you can find flexible, everyday items that you can wear lounging around, to date night; from the office, to cocktails.  We achieved that, but I knew there was a missing piece.


One day at work I was observing everyone walking in and out of my office doors. I was surprised to notice several pregnant women walking around. That got me thinking. How in the world could you be able to support a baby with the everyday costs? Not including doctor visits, daycare, food and clothes? Yeah, yeah everyone says you just figure it out. But how?! If I was going to help the “everyday woman” with their fashion needs, maybe I could figure out a way to use that to help the everyday mom with their financial needs.


After a little research, in comes National Diaper Bank Network. For every Drive’n Me Baby and Mommy & Me purchase (no minimums, no stipulations) a days’ worth of diapers is donated to a family with a baby through National Diaper Bank Network. You may be thinking: Diapers? Why Diapers? Click here to learn more about the astronomical cost incurred over time from Diapers alone.


Our mission at Drive’n Me Daisy is to help reduce parents’ stress and let them focus on the development and growth of their child. Not how to afford a simple necessity.


With new options like Drive’n Me Baby and Mommy & Me you can rest assured knowing you’re not only getting quality, easy to wear products, but you’re also helping ease a family’s stress and give them more time to love on their newest member.

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